Right About us

Our Team 

Originally Astoria was created with the intention of bringing the European everyday pleasures of sharing and exploring exceptional espresso and wine. But what is good wine without good food? And good espresso without dessert? The concept of Astoria has evolved and continues to evolve because of the diverse group of people that make up our team.


At Astoria we are very passionate about coffee, food, and wine and have a major weak spot for dessert. We love happy customers and therefore work hard to provide them with the best possible experience. Focusing on quality and freshness has always been of highest priority to us and we always strive to use organic product when possible.

The Astoria Family

Always there to meet you with a warm greeting, the Owners of Astoria are known to be very down to earth people. In fact, they do not like attention and prefer to blend in with the whole team because, after all, at the end of the day everyone that works at Astoria makes up one big family.  


The longest-serving member of the Astoria staff. She has a big passion for food and wine and has a true dedication for your satisfaction.







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