We understand that Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, that is why we offer our extensive breakfast menu ALL Day & Night to ensure that you never miss out on this vital meal.

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Raspberry Jam Sugar Cookie | Crumble cookie  topped with powdered sugar and filed with raspberry jam 3.99 

Aussie Bites | On-the-go favorite healthy and organic oat bite made with dried apricots, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, honey, quinoa, chia seeds + more 2.99

Breakfast Sandwiches

Ham Breakfast Croissant
A slice of deli cut Ham, Egg, American Swiss Cheese on a lightly toasted croissant | 8

Turkey Breakfast Croissant
A slice of deli cut Turkey, Egg, American Swiss Cheese on a lightly toasted croissant | 8

Pepperoni Croissant  In between a warm croissant: over hard egg, melted mozzarella cheese, pepperoni slices and our house marinara sauce | 9 

Pepperoni Croissant

Breakfast Bagel
Toasted Bagel of your choice, over hard Egg, and American Swiss Cheese 7 | ADD Salami 3 | ADD Turkey Bacon 3.99 | ADD Bacon 2 | ADD Tomato Slices 1.39

Everything Breakfast Bagel

Cheese Croiffle A delicious cross between a croissant and a waffle stuffed with melted Feta, Havarti Dill, and Mozzarella Cheese 8 | ADD Bacon 2

English Muffin Breakfast
Open-faced English Muffin sandwich topped with Canadian Bacon, two Eggs sunny-side up, and American Swiss Cheese. Served with a side organic Green Mix salad topped with Tomatoes, parmesan, and our House Vinaigrette | 12 

Avocado Toast
Open-faced English muffin sandwich topped with Avocado Smash, fresh Tomato slice, and two Eggs sunny-side up lightly sprinkled with Everything Seasoning. Served with a side organic Green Mix salad topped with Parmesan and our House Vinaigrette | 11 

ADD Turkey Bacon 3.99 | ADD Bacon 2 | ADD Salmon 6 | ADD Canadian Bacon 4

Avocado Toast

Breakfast platters

Salmon Bagel Plater

Smoked Salmon & Bagel Platter
Atlantic Smoked Salmon, Garden Fresh Tomatoes, Organic Green Mix, Salty Capers,  Red Onions, Hard-Boiled Egg, and Cream Cheese. Served with your choice of toasted bagel: Plain, Everything, or Whole Wheat | 14

Mortadella Breakfast

Mortadella Breakfast
Grilled Mortadella with Pistachio with two over-easy Eggs and a side of  Fresh Mozzarella atop of two slices of garden fresh Tomatoes and a drizzle of the house specialty Balsamic Glaze | 12

ADD House-Toasted Bread 2 | ADD Croissant 4 | ADD English Muffin 2

Sunrise Breakfast

Sunrise Breakfast
Two Eggs cooked sunny-side-up with two Sausage links and a side of Fresh Mozzarella atop of two slices of garden fresh Tomatoes, organic Spinach, and a drizzle of the house specialty Balsamic Glaze | 11
ADD House-Toasted Bread 2 |
ADD English Muffin 2 | ADD Turkey Bacon 3.99

Substitute the pork sausage links for Chicken Breakfast Sausage 1.50

Astoria Breakfast

Astoria Breakfast
Two Eggs scrambled, chef’s signature pork Sausage links, and toasted House Panini Bread, choice of Strawberry or Grape Jelly | 10 

ADD Turkey Bacon 3.99

Substitute the pork sausage links for Chicken Breakfast Sausage 1.50 

sweet Breakfast

Le French Breakfast

LeFrench Breakfast
Warm flaky Croissant, Jelly, slices of Gourmet French Brie Cheese, and a side of the Fruit of the Day | 11

Fruit N’ Yogurt Parfait

Fruit N’ Yogurt Parfait
Layers of crunchy granola mix, plain Greek yogurt, fresh sliced bananas, and strawberries | 8 

Vanilla Greek yogurt up-charge 0.99

Nutella Croiffle with Strawberries

Nutella Croiffle
A delicious cross between a croissant and a waffle stuffed with Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Spread | 8

ADD Banana 2 | ADD Strawberry 2.59 |  ADD Vanilla Ice Cream 3

Nutella Croiffle with Bananas

Choose between: Cinnamon Spice | Maple Brown Sugar | Cinnamon Apple 5

ADD Banana 1.99 | ADD Strawberry 2.59 | ADD Walnuts 0.99

Fruit Cup
Prepared with the select fresh fruit of the day | 6


Ask staff about current variety. Available cut up and toasted in the panini grill, per request 3.99 |  ADD Whipped Cream 0.75

Plain Croissant
Lightly toasted buttery croissant 3.99

Plain Bagel
Freshly toasted bagel.
Choose from:  Plain, Everything, Wheat 2.99

English Muffins 1.99

Croiffle a delicious cross between a waffle and a croissant 4.99

ADD Cream Cheese 1.29 | ADD Avocado Paste 1.59 | ADD Tomato Paste 1.29
ADD Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate 2.99
ADD Grape or Strawberry Jelly 0.99 | ADD Peanut Butter 1.39

Toasted Blue Berry Muffin

Breakfast a la carte


One Egg (any style) 1.99 | Turkey Bacon (2 strips) 3.99 | Bacon (4 strips) 1.99 | Canadian Bacon 3.99 | Smoked Salmon 5.99 | Chicken Breast 3.99 | Prosciutto 5.99 | Mortadella 5.99 | Genoa Salami 2.99 | Beef Salami 5.99 | Deli Ham (1 slice) 1.89 | Deli Turkey (2 slice) 1.99 | Corned Beef (2 slice) 1.99 | Astoria Breakfast Sausage (3 links without casing) 3.99 | Sunrise Breakfast Sausage (3 links with casing) 3.99 | Chicken Breakfast Sausage Links (2 links without casing) 4.99


Cucumber Slices 1.99 | Tomato Slices 1.39 | Roasted Red Bell Peppers 1.79 | Green Bell Pepper 1.79 | Onion 1.29 | Mix Marinated Veggies 2.99 | Olives 2 | Pepperocini 0.99 | Capers 0.99


American Swiss 1.29 | Deli Mozzarella 1.29 | Fresh Mozzarella 2.99 | Feta 1.39 | Maple Smoked Cheddar 4.99 | Havarti Dill 4.99 | Brie 4.99 | Smoked Gouda 4.99 | Monterey Pepper Jack 4.99

Other Add-Ons: 

Side of Chips 2.49 | Balsamic Glaze 0.99 | Basil Pesto 1.39 | Ranch Side 0.25 | Walnuts 0.99 | Crackers 2.79