Brunch Cocktails

Mimosa Champagne and Orange Juice 8

Bloody Mary Vodka, Tomato Juice, various spices, hot sauce, garnished to perfection 9

Pomegranate Sparkler Champagne and Pomegranate Cranberry Juice 10

Astoria Sangria Choice of red or white wine on the rocks with fruit of the day 10

Wine Spritzer Choice of red or white wine with sparkling water 9

Coffee Cocktails

Spiked Coffee


Irish Coffee

Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream, Lavazza Coffee, Whipped Cream | 10

Mexican Coffee

Tequila, Lavazza Cinnamon Coffee, Whipped Cream | 10

Cafe Marnier

Grand Marnier, Espresso, Whipped Cream | 10


Nutty Irishman

Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream, Lavazza Hazelnut Coffee, Ice | 10

Wake Up Call

Rum Chatta and Double Shot Espresso on the rocks | 10

Carajio 43

LIcor 43 layered on top of an espresso shot, served on the rocks | 10

Seasonal Cocktails

Each season, Astoria offers a cocktail menu to match:  During the summer enjoy refreshing fresh-muddled mojitos, in the autumn delight in pumpkin pie vodka spritzers, during winter cozy-up to some spiced mulled wine, and in the spring bloom with Champagne rose infusions and much more…