Brandy Alexander

A sweet classic from the early 20th century that combines St. Remy VSOP Cognac, Creme de Cacao, and Cream in the most indulging sip | 14

add a scoop of ice cream and enjoy a delicious adult float +$3


Pictured: Forbidden Kiss

Forbiden Kiss

Take a sip from the forbidden Green apple vodka martini served with a floating frozen lucky charm heart | 14

Midnight Cosmo

Vodka, Citrus Liqueur, and Cranberry extract are combined to make the perfect nightcap | 14

Espresso Martini

Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, Irish Cream and Lavazza Espresso are all hand shaken together into “The BEST Espresso Martini in Town” | 15

Chocolate Martini

Whipped Vodka, Creme De Cacao, and Chocolate Irish Cream are combined into a heavenly dessert cocktail | 14

Last Call

“Last Call” for our most refreshing summer cocktail: vodka limeade with fresh muddled cucumbers. Served on the rocks | 14

Moscow Mule 

Vodka, Fresh Lime, Mint, and Ginger Beer served on the rocks | 12

Apple Harvest Mule

Vodka and Apple Crisp Ginger Beer served on the rocks | 12

White Russian

A classic vodka and coffee liqueur night cap with a dash of cream served on the rocks | 11


Best Cocktail in Dallas
Pictured: Enchanted Gimlet (left) & Lavender 75 (right)

Enchanted Gimlet

Gin hand shaken with Lemon Juice and a Elderflower extract | 14

Lavender 75

Lavender infused gin toped with lemon juice and sparkling wine | 13

Cucumber Gin Fizz

Fresh muddled Mint and Cucumber are hand shaken with Gin and Lemon Juice and topped with Perrier sparkling water | 13


Cocktail Patio in Dallas
Pictured: Lime Mojito

Lime Mojito 

Rum with fresh muddled lime, and mint, topped with sparkling water and served on ice | 12

Wicked Berry Mojito

Bursting with berrylicious notes this is the sweeter sister to the Lime Mojito. Served on ice | 13


Frozen pineapple and coconut puree blended with rum for a drink that takes you on a flight to a tropical beach vacation


Frozen Vanilla Frappe spiked with Irish Cream and Rum | 12


Dallas Margarita on the Patio

Lime Margarita

A Texas classic with tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice shaken and served on the rocks | 12

Jalapeno Margarita

Fresh muddled jalapeño with tequila, pineapple and lime juice served on the rocks | 13


Blended Frozen Mango and Tequila Margarita | 12

Maleficent Margarita

Magical lavender infused margarita served on the rocks | 15

Jalisco Express

Our Famous Espresso Martini is given a Jalisco spike with tequila as its base instead of vodka | 15

Naughty & Spice

Honey ginger infused tequila, orange liquor and a dash of lemon juice are all shaken and served atop an ice ball | 15

Mexican Coffee 

Tequila spiked cinnamon coffee topped with whipped cream (available hot or iced) | 12

Ta-KILL-ya Sunrise

Enjoy a drinkable layered sunrise with this classic tequila, grenadine, and orange juice cocktail | 12


Maple Old Fashion

A maple infused whiskey gives a twist on the classic cocktail making it the perfect companion to the fall season | 14

Pictured: Cherry Old Fashion

Cherry Old Fashion

Maraschino Cherries are muddled in this Whiskey based classic | 13

The Godfather 

Italian Amaretto and Whiskey combine for a perfect marriage on the rocks | 12

Irish Coffee

Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream, Lavazza Coffee, Whipped Cream | 12

Nightmare on Bendt St.

Muddled blueberries and fresh mint make the base of this enticing whiskey cocktail offering the perfect blend of bold and zesty sophistication | 13


Aperol Spritz in Dallas and Addison TX
Pictured: Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz 

Aperol, Perrier and Sparkling Wine  garnished with a fresh Orange | 12

Limoncello Spritz

Limoncello, Perrier and Sparkling Wine | 12

Seasonal Sangria 

Fresh fruit topped with wine, spiked with citrus liqueur and served on the rocks | 10

Port Collins

Most popular Portuguese drink just came to Astoria. Refreshing mix of Neipoort White Port, Fresh Lime, and Tonic Water on the rocks | 11

French 75 

Say cheers to Gin and Lemon Juice topped with sparkling wine | 12

Cranberry Sparkler 

Cranberry infused Sparkling Wine | 11

Coffee Cocktails

Spiked Coffee
Pictured: Mexican Coffee (left) + Irish coffee (right)


Irish Coffee

Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream, Lavazza Coffee, Whipped Cream | 12

Mexican Coffee

Tequila, Lavazza Cinnamon Coffee, Whipped Cream | 12

Cafe Marnier

Grand Marnier, Espresso, Whipped Cream | 12

Wake Up Call (left) + Nutty Irishman (Right)


Nutty Irishman

Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream, Lavazza Hazelnut Coffee, Ice, and our homemade whipped cream | 13

Wake Up Call

Rum Chatta and Double Shot Espresso on the rocks topped with our homemade whipped cream | 12

Espresso Martini

Kahlua, Vodka, Irish Cream and Espresso hand shaken | 15

The Snowball

Frozen Vanilla Frappe spiked with alcoholic Irish Cream and Rum | 12

Carajio 43

LIcor 43 layered on top of an espresso shot, served on the rocks | 12

Brunch Cocktails

Pictured: Mimosa (left) + Bloody Mary (right)


Champagne and Orange Juice | 8

Bloody Mary 

Vodka, Tomato Juice, Various Spices, Hot Sauce, garnished with lime and olives | 9

Seasonal Sangria 

Fresh fruit and wine served on the rocks and topped with citrus liqueur | 10

Wine Spritzer 

Choice of red or white wine with sparkling water | 10′

Aperol Spritz 

Aperol, Perrier and Sparkling Wine  garnished with a fresh Orange | 12

Cranberry Sparkler 

Cranberry infused Sparkling Wine | 11