Valentine Coffee

Seasonal Valentine Drinks


French Kiss Latte

French Vanilla with a dash of Raspberry makes this delicious espresso-based milk drink a kiss you will want to revisit again and again. Ask for it HOT/ICED/FROZEN | 6.29

Make it extra French, ADD alcoholic Pinnacle Whipped Vodka | +8

Irish Lover Latte

Irish Cream flavored espresso-based milk drink..the most perfect love affair to ever exist. Ask for it HOT/ICED/FROZEN | 5.89

Make it extra Irish, ADD alcoholic Bailey’s Irish Cream | +7.50

Sinless Valentine 

Fat-Free and  Sugar-Free Caramel, Vanilla Latte.. A sweet Valentine treat, you won’t feel guilty to love. Ask for it HOT or ICED | 6.29

Make it not so sinless.. ADD alcoholic Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur  | + 7

Bon Bon Mocha

Think of your favorite bon bon..  now wrap it in a delicious coffee drink topped with our homemade Whipped Cream. Enjoy flavors of Dark Chocolate and Cherry inside a classic espresso and milk based beverage. Available HOT or ICED | 6.29

Make it extra sweet, ADD alcoholic Kahlua | +6

Cupid’s Cappuccino

Cupid’s only approved coffee: Italian Amaretto flavored espresso based beverage with milk and foam. Enjoy it wet with more milk or dry with more foam | 5.89

Make it extra lovely, ADD alcoholic di Amore Amaretto | +7

Besame Mochachino

Small and strong espresso based drink infused with cinnamon dark chocolate and creamy steamed milk | 5.89

Make it extra “rico”, ADD alcoholic Avion Expresso Tequila Based Liqueur | +6