Coffee N’ Drinks

Seasonal coffees

Our staff is trained to help you choose the perfect beverage, if you are not sure what to order do not hesitate to ask for help.

Coffee art is available upon request. Due to the nature and flow of the business, not all coffee is served with coffee art. If you would like to see art on your coffee, please do not hesitate to ask your server.

Fresh Roasted Drip House Coffee

 Our Drip House Coffee uses Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast Coffee. A full bodied blend of 100% Arabica coffees. Its bold and distinctive recipe features a balance of smoky and caramelized flavors.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Decaf Coffee is only available from the espresso bar.
  • During the evening hours each cup of coffee is charged as a new cup. There is no coffee refill charge.


Chai Latte 5.99
available hot, iced, & frozen

*spike it with Jameson Irish Whikey +8

*add espresso +0.99

Green Tea Matcha Latte 5.99

available hot or iced

Hot Tea 4.99

Earl Grey Black Tea /  English Breakfast Black Tea / Peach Ceylon / Cinnamon Black Tea / Chai Black Tea

Green Tea / Mango Green Tea / Raspberry Green Tea / Lemon Zest Green Tea / Apple Green Tea / Orange Spice Green Tea / Matcha Green Tea / Pomegranate Green Tea

Chamomile Herbal Tea* /  Peppermint Herbal Tea* 

*Designates decaffeinated tea

add Honey 0.25 /add Milk 0.35

Hot Chocolate 5.99
available hot, iced, & frozen
topped with our homemade whipped cream

*spike with with Irish Cream +5

Glass of Milk 2.99
available hot & cold whole milk, fat free milk, and almond milk

Smoothies 5.99

Strawberry / Mango / Pineapple Coconut 

*add Rum +5 / Vodka +5 / Tequila +5


Astoria offers all your favorite soda’s in old fashioned glass bottles just like they do in Europe.

Iced Tea
(in-house brewed and unsweetened)

Bottled Still Water
Aqua Panna

Sparkling Water
San Pellegrino / Topo Chico / Perrier

San Pellegrino Italian Sweet Sodas
Limonata (Lemon) | Aranciata (Orange) | Pompelmo (Grapefruit) | Aranciata Rossa (Blood Orange) | Melagrano (Orange Pomegranate) 

Cranberry, Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Mango Nectar 

8oz Glass Bottled

Coca Cola, Diet Cola, Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, Tonic Water

12oz Glass Bottled
Coca Cola | Sprite 

Other Sodas

Fanta Orange | Dr Pepper

Red Bull Energy Drink